Chore Charts

Chipping into household chores has been shown to be really good for our kids, with chore charts being shown to:

♥ Encourage autonomy

♥ Teach self-reliance

♥ Develop self-confidence.

♥ Boost dopamine via the neural reward pathway

Not to mention the rather wonderful benefits to Mum and Dad for sharing the load! 

Not all chore charts are suited to all children which is why we have 4 different options 

- For a great, all-round easy option, choose our Responsibilities Chart

- For children who respond better to pictures than words, or those who like to choose their chores rather than having them assigned, choose our Task Tiles

- For a fully customizable option that can be tweaked to the needs of your child choose our Customizable Chore Charts 

- For families of more than one child, and where fairness is paramount, choose our Champion Chore Chart