Customizable charts and Checklists

Who they are for

If your child has a specific schedule or needs certain visual cues to complete a task, our customizable range is for you. 

This range is also for you if you like things to be neat and tidy, with detail filled out BEFORE printing.  

If you like the look of our customizable range but would prefer to fill in your details AFTER printing then you can print as a template by selecting "print chart template" or "frame chart template" from the dropdown menu. Please note that this option is not available for "blank canvas" template.

How they work

Text and images are customized online using Corjl, an online program that allows for instant download of your charts, with no software necessary. You can edit your customized chart up to 10 times (5 times for the blank canvas template) which essentially means that you get 10 charts for the price of one 😮

To learn more about how the customizing process works, click here

Pairing with a Magnetic Frame

Our products will only work if they are seen and used and this is why we recommend that all of our charts and checklists are paired with an A4 Magnetic Frame.

The fridge is a hub of the home and our frames will keep your frames stuck and protected, with the dry-erase surface allowing you to refresh and update your chart or checklist as you go. It really is a no-brainer.