Planning ahead

When your days get really full and you feel like things are spilling over the edges, planning ahead and writing that plan down is hugely powerful. It will help you to:

♥ Prioritise

♥ Focus 

♥ Avoid double booking 

♥ Be realistic about what can be achieved 

When kept visible for the whole family to see, your plan can keep everyone on the same page, with less guesswork about who is doing what and when. It improves communication by having a central "hub" to which the whole family can refer when they are uncertain about what is going on. 

We offer a range of charts to help you plan ahead, from daily schedules to the kids, to a meal planner, to weekly schedules for the family. ]

To ensure that your plan is seen and referred to, we recommend pairing it with an A4 Magnetic Frame so that it can be displayed on the fridge.